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Zezao – The Sewer King Of Sao Paulo

Meet abstract graffiti artist Jose Augusto Amaro Handa better known as Zezao from Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you’re looking for someone who has developed their own individual style and is totally different to anyone else out there then this is your man. OK so he doesn’t just create his artwork in the storm sewers beneath the city, this is just another reason why he is unique. These days his fame has bought him the chance to earn good money travelling the world painting and exhibiting his art in galleries, but this doesn’t stop him getting his wellies on and heading underground with his flashlight.

Zezao started breaking all the rules of graffiti back in the late 1990’s when police repression made painting on the streets difficult and dangerous. He sought out places he could go where he could practice his art without the fear of arrest. An abandoned factory full of ruined walls was the perfect place, alongside the drug addicts and street dwellers. From here he progressed to the underground galleries of rainwater beneath the city with their unguarded walls..

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